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    Decors and colors in Wes Anderson’s movies

    With his last movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson not only confirms that he’s a brilliant director but also reveals that he could have been a great interior designer! Colors, furniture, lights, disposition, all reveals that décor is important for esthetic reasons but also has a meaning of its own. Explosive colors Red and Purple Mixing bright red and purple is a bold choice, yet it is the main color theme of the Grand Budapest hotel. From the elevator walls to the lobby rugs through staff uniforms, red and purple are the sign that you belong to this special hotel. The two main characters are indeed proudly wearing these…

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    Books, Storage and Decoration

    You are a compulsive buyer of books, you devour and pile them up until you don’t know what to do with them anymore. I know how you feel… Some ad hoc solutions for books addicts. Space-saving solution Bibliochaise by Nobody&Co Make a table out of your books @Ritemail Invisible bookshelves Created by NotTom By  Umbra By TeeBooks. When books become part of your home décor At Sal Curioso Restaurant created by Substance Agency At the Sevva Restaurant in Hong Kong  Books with a twist Hook Book by Rose Bunker Clock Book By Karlsson Library You can still use a traditional library, an idea stolen from Ralph Lauren Home: hang your paintings and photographs on your bookcases.…

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    The 5 most Beautiful Private Clubs of Hong Kong

    “There’ll be nothing but beauty, wealth, pleasure, With all things in order and measure.” Charles Baudelaire, l’invitation au voyage, (in Les Fleurs du mal) Kee Club Kee Club could be the exact embodiment of Charles Baudelaire’s poem from which the lines above are extracted. This club is indeed a real ‘Invitation to the Voyage’: a classical European residence with African sculptures and pieces of arts from the greatest (Pablo Picasso and Anthony Quinn to name but a few), richly decorated with precious colors and Bauhaus designed 1940’s furnishings. Photo Credit: Kee Club  China Club China Club will make you travel at the heart of 1930’s Shanghai. Each room astonishes and…

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    Sleepbox: Innovation & Design for your sleep

    The two Russian designers Alexey Goryainov and Mikhail Krymov have imagined the Sleepbox, a ‘box’ in which you can relax and rest in a calm and quiet environment, even if you’re in the middle of a bustling public place. @minimalhome An endless connection between two flights? Few hours to spend in an abandoned train station? Sleepbox has been the dream of all travelers who would like to take a nap without missing their connection. @minimalhome Sleepbox has everything a tired traveler could wish: comfy beds with automatic system of change of bed linen, dark blinds, a soundproof cabin, a closed and safe place to peacefully fall into the arms of…

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